Why the Cost of Property Staging Shouldn’t That Dissuade You From Using This Service?

Recently, several studies suggested that staging your home might potentially raise the value of your house by as much as 11%. On the other hand, many homeowners who contemplate selling their property soon can’t help but wonder about the cost of property staging in their area.

Professional home staging is one type of investment that homeowners can make if they want to list their house on the property market anytime soon. You can use the ballpark rates for expert home staging fees and furniture rental requirements to manage your money effectively regardless of current property staging costs.

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How Much Money is Involved in Property Styling?

Proposing a styling system and pricing strategies for your home begins with an ocular inspection of the space involved. An initial inspection of the space to be worked on will help professional home stylists to identify the specifics and details of your property’s styling needs. After that, these professionals will be ready to compose a personalized quote to fit your needs.

The costs associated with a property styling proposal will depend on several criteria, including the following:

  • The size or amount of the home’s floor space
  • The number of rooms needs to be.
  • Furniture requirements (e.g., do you require complete furnishing of the entire home or only a few items to compliment your current pieces?)
  • Length of the style campaign for the property (ideally, a home staging campaign runs for about 4-6 weeks and can extend to up to 8 weeks.)

As a ballpark guide, the prevailing property styling costs nowadays would range between $2500 and $6000+, based on the aforementioned considerations we have above. With that in mind, a homeowner who will take advantage of home staging services can anticipate that this specialized form of service will significantly enhance his home’s final sale price.

Look Way Past the Cost

Keep in mind that property styling is an investment, not an extra expense. Property styling is primarily intended to increase the market value of your home and thus be able to attract more prospective buyers. This will help generate for you a good chance of generating a profit on your initial investment.

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It is also worth noting that property styling is not confined to premium residences only. Indeed, any residential property or space can benefit from a well-thought-out home staging effort. 

From studio apartments and townhouses to oceanfront family homes, property styling is all about presenting your home in its best form possible. If things are done right, and everything else is in proper order, a homeowner wanting to put up his property in the real estate market in his area will have a valid reason to command a higher selling price for his house. 

To determine the cost of property staging your own home might require, we encourage you to reach out to a reputable furniture hire team for this. Most of the time, they are associated with a home staging firm that you can partner up with. They can give you good guidance on how the staging process will take place for your house. But usually, it will start with a site inspection first, as previously mentioned here.