Why Do Older People Need to Use Adjustable Beds?

It is crucial for senior people and their health to have a restful sleep every single night. It is a far fetched goal if you find your bed uncomfortable to sleep in at night. If you are struggling in this area, you are running the risk of compromising your energy levels and overall health to decline. 

Besides, an uncomfortable bed at night is also seen by chiropractors and physical therapists as among the main reasons behind body aches and pains. We are enumerating below some of the reasons why senior people need to use adjustable beds, instead. 

Adjustable Bed Keep Acid Reflux at Bay

Senior people who are suffering from acid reflux, should, by all means, keep themselves from laying flat when they sleep at night. They must keep themselves that way and slightly raise their head, at least 5 inches up. This will help in keeping the acid from their stomach to get their way into their esophagus. 

We are discouraging the use of an olden trick here, and that is the use of cushions to elevate the head. This measure will cause more trouble than comfort. But it is such a relief to know that by raising your entire mattress, you can prop yourself up. It is easy to do with the help of an adjustable type of bed.  

Adjustable Beds Helps You to Stop Snoring

The underlying reason why some people can’t help themselves but snore while they are fast asleep is that their windpipe closes out on its own. And it is due to the sheer weight of their neck. This happening renders it difficult for air to get through, hence, creating the audible sound which we hear and refer to as “snoring”.  

When you raise your body a tad by virtue of an adjustable type of bed, you’d be able to keep your weight from putting on pressure on your windpipe. Discounting the weight that is creating pressure on your windpipe, you are putting an end to your snoring and thus helping you to finally enjoy a sound sleep. 

Adjustable Elevation  and Pain Relief

A myriad of people would often complain about their back aches and pains. The simple trick of elevating head and feet several inches above the head will significantly help in taking away a considerable amount of pressure off from the lower back. 

Senior osteoporosis can be relieved by taking advantage of an adjustable type of bed because it induces the body to assume a better posture, thus lifting away a good amount of pressure off from the shoulders and hips.  

When using an adjustable type of bed, you don’t need to stack  2 or 3 pillows just to provide an adequate amount of support to your head. If you plan to elevate your head tonight using a set of pillows, the odds are high that you will find yourself tomorrow complaining about neck pain and backaches, reason being that they will shift around throughout the night.  

If you happen to be suffering from edema, this condition will likely induce swelling of your legs. One trick to address this and have temporary relief is to raise your feet to allow draining of the fluid in the most affected areas. This measure will significantly help in alleviating the physical strain brought about by this condition.  

If you are a senior citizen, you will see that the use of an adjustable bed is more than just having restful sleep at night. It is a reward you are giving to yourself. By affording yourself to enjoy a quality sleep every night,  then you are putting yourself in elevated health and well-being overall.