Who Should Be Using Mobility Aids Melbourne?

When a person is challenged with their mobility or has trouble in keeping their pace or maintaining their balance, chances are high that they may be needing at least one or two mobility aids Melbourne products to help them get along. A physical infirmity may have resulted from a past illness or a physical defect. Either way, both cases would be necessitating some kind of assistive device to help improve an individual’s mobility. 

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There are an awful lot of mobility aids or assistive devices out there, therefore, if you need one, choosing equipment most suitable for your situation can come as a bit of a challenge. The wide spectrum of available choices is so broad that it can make it hard to decide which one to have. 

Therefore, it is of paramount importance to familiarize yourself with them first and identify what each one is used for. Doing so will help narrow down your available choices, until such time that you identified the equipment most suited for your needs and situation.  

There are two kinds of mobility issues, one is for the long term and the other can be best described as the short term. The type of mobility issue that a person is suffering from will determine the kind of mobility aid he will be needing as well as the time frame that he may need to use it.  

If you happen to have any of the following health issues, you are a likely candidate to use disability equipment. 

  • Visual impairment
  • Strain and sprain
  • Imbalance due to senility
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Arthritis
  • Broken bones at the lower limb – knee, ankle, thigh, foot hips.
  • Any other health issues that may hurt your motor or ambulatory skills.  

Defining What a Mobility Disability Is 

This may have something to do with the inability or absence/lack of strength to use either the lower or the upper limb. Mobility disability can be brought about by an illness that has rendered the patient’s body too weak to be able to move from one place to another.  

There are several different kinds of mobility aids Melbourne products, but not every single one of them can be enumerated here. 

These may include canes, crutches, scooters, knee walkers, and wheelchairs.  

Are There Any Possible Risks Involved with the Use of Disability Equipment?  

While the majority of assistive devices allow users to enjoy a manifold of benefits in their use, we can’t get away from the fact that there also comes a certain level of associated risks with their use. But it is such a relief to know that these risks can be managed.  

For instance, underarm crutches can lead to a situation known as crutch paralysis. This usually happens as a result of putting on too much pressure on the nerves of the underarm. Another potential drawback is the forearm crutch, and you are likely to suffer from this when you strain your wrist due to the excessive use of your crutch. 

Please do note that  perceived risks involved with the use of any mobility device may only occur only as a result of its improper use. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that a user learn first and foremost the proper use of any equipment to veer himself away from injury or aggravate a risk associated with a mobility aid.