What Do You Need to Know About Moulded Showers?

When homeowners need to revamp their existing bathroom or they feel there is a need for them to build another one, they have this one dilemma to face. Will they custom build the shower they have in mind or would they consider getting a moulded shower instead? 

If you resonate with the same situation described above, you will agree with us in saying that making decisions there will not come easy. There are a handful of things that will need to be taken into account before anyone can make up one’s mind.

You may have a discriminating taste and may fine-tune your expectations. However, you can’t do much if you don’t have enough budget for bathroom renovation or construction. Besides, you also need to consider the available space you have in your house. 

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Various home improvement programs on TV nowadays are instrumental in making homeowners aware of how they can further enhance the aesthetics of their home without breaking the budget. Starting from multiple water features, frameless glass doors, custom tile work, and others — all these are coveted luxuries Even in homes that qualify as midrange.  

What is a Prefab or Moulded Type of Shower?

Prefabricated or moulded type of shower means that it is mass-produced. They were made in a facility, a factory. These inspiring creations are usually made out of Gelcoat fiberglass, plastic, and sometimes even acrylic. While they usually come in a white or off-white look, devoid of texture and all, they are made with different door configurations, seating, and shelving.

Manufacturers would offer them either in single-piece or multi-piece units. You can also have them as a kit, complete with a shower base or pan and a wall surround. There are also models and makes that necessitate you to make a separate purchase for the pan, which comes in standard widths.  


Moulded shower offerings are often crack and chip-resistant watertight products. Most dealers’ starting price offering for these items would begin at $550. 

If you will check out the big box stores or the so-called major players in the retail sphere, you have a good chance of getting a 48” shower kit for $700.

If you are also intending to add in new fixtures, we suggest that you increase your estimate a notch higher. A luxury item in the form of a steam shower would fetch you around $2000. This amount, though, is exclusive of the professional work to upgrade your plumbing.

Unless, of course, that you know how to get the job done on your own (which completely makes it a DIY project), the project will cost you less. 

The Pros and Cons of Moulded or Prefabricated Showers

What is it about moulded types of showers that the majority of homemakers nowadays are obsessively enticed to have?

  • Ease and Speed of installation

If you are a person or a homeowner leaning for a DIY approach here, moulded types of showers are a great alternative because these options allow you to deal with the job in a day or two.  

  • Watertight construction. 
  • Durability

Installation of Custom Showers Require Skills

We are not going to encourage you to even consider installing custom showers on your own. Such bathroom features require you to have a high level of skills. 


Otherwise, you are just up for some disappointment and frustration because you will have a hard time creating flawless seals that are intended to keep the shower watertight.

Besides, you also need to have a lot of creative juices here to come up with a custom work of art that will complement the whole bath area.  If you are lacking in that department, a professional help will make the difference. 

Wrapping Up!

Now the decision whether to go for a custom or moulded shower is under your call. Just keep in mind that at every price point, there is a gamut of highly attractive and durable shower units that you can choose.

If budget constraints keep you from the kind of customization you want, you can go for the best and affordable prefab showers that you can find. 

It is just a matter of finding a very nice-looking door and a handful of attractive features, ensuring that they complement the overall look and vibe of the bath area. Either way, you decide to do it, in the end, it becomes an invaluable investment back when you sell your property.