What are Some of the Myths Hounding Testosterone Replacement in Australia?

Several myths have been hounding the testosterone replacement Sydney industry. And these wrong belief system about TRT therapy Australia is getting in the way of men, mostly in their senior years, who need to avail this hormone treatment program. It keeps them away from obtaining an improved quality of life that is only possible with TRT treatment. 

Low or reduced amount of testosterone in men, which is also known as male hypogonadism, is affecting at least 5% of the male population in the country. If you happen to belong to this percentage, you might benefit from learning about the popular myths surrounding testosterone replacement Sydney industry. 

Debunking TRT therapy myths  with factual truth is the best defense to have. Here are some that you need to know: 

Low testosterone is part and parcel of senior men’s natural aging process

The million-dollar question here is, can you defy low testosterone? Is it inevitable? This is one type of belief system that has kept men from obtaining the right kind of health care they need.

Aging is a factor that can trigger the outset for reduced testosterone production. As men reach the age of 30 and up, their bodies begin to slow down in producing this hormone. But there are cases when testosterone production of the body will go below what medical science consider as healthy levels.

Low T-levels can occur even to young infants and pre-teen years. 

This condition is accompanied by a number of physical symptoms including decreased tolerance for hardcore exercise, loss of muscle mass, and fatigue.

Other commonly complained issues are decreased sex drive, inability to reach and sustain a penile erection, inability to focus on work and tasks,  and depression.  

It is only older men who are likely to experience low testosterone

A low or reduced amount of testosterone in the body is one of the health concerns that will not discriminate its victims by age. The truth about low T-level is that anyone can become a victim, as earlier mentioned, even a young infant boy can have low testosterone, too. This only proves that older men do not have any monopoly over low testosterone.  

If you are suspecting yourself as a likely candidate for TRT treatment in Australia, there is no better way to validate this than by getting yourself diagnosed by a qualified TRT doctor. Your physician will be concerned not just with the indicating symptoms of low-T  but a highly competent physician will focus more on the series of blood tests you need to take. Such blood work procedures will help him determine the concentration levels of different hormones found in your bloodstream. 

TRT replacement increases sperm count

It is a common impression that TRT treatment will help increase sperm count. Once again, there is no grain of truth in this and we qualify this as among the many urban legends surrounding testosterone replacement Sydney programs. It may have an oxymoronic effect on your sperm count and cause it to drop instead.  

If you happen to have reduced concentration of testosterone, TRT therapy Sydney can be taken advantage of to treat this condition. Treatment may come in the form of injections, patches, gels, pills, and creams. 

While TRT treatment can help you to have less bout with fatigue and enhance your body’s energy levels, improving as well your libido and general mood one thing that should be kept in mind is that the results are not instant. 

TRT prescriptions does not wield magic that will make you feel great in a jiffy. TRT treatment is geared towards making you feel normal. Again. And there are instances that it might even take a while for you to experience good results. 

TRT replacement increases your chances of getting cancer and heart disease

A previous study suggested that TRT therapy could possibly increase the risk for cardiovascular issues like heart attack, but that time onwards more information has come out. However, recent research on this subject matter goes to show the other way around,  that T-supplements may actually help lower risks for cardiovascular problems. 

The same findings were found to be true in cancer fears. There is a heated argument about patients who have a prior diagnosis of prostate cancer. New data are clearly showing that TRT prescriptions are unlikely to induce prostate issues and cancer.  


When you have a strong conviction that you are suffering from low testosterone levels, there is no better way to validate your suspicions than by paying a visit to a qualified urologist or endocrinologist.

It is of paramount importance to have the  advice of such medical professionals first because they can rule out any serious medical concerns. These medical issues are likely the root cause of your symptoms, and that has to be figured out first.