The Best Cleaning Alternatives for Your Eco Tiles

We have to admit that tiles play a big part in beautifying a place. This is also the reason why there are now so many options available such as eco tiles. This type of tiles is preferred by many due to the many advantages it has to offer in addition to its aesthetic value and being environment-friendly. But it is also important to make sure that these tiles are taken care of by cleaning them the right way by using the right products.

Cleaning Your Eco Tiles

Cleaning your tiles is a must not just to make sure that they will look great, but most of all, to keep them in their best condition. As tiles are used around the house, especially on the floors and bathroom they need to be maintained properly.

Clean tiles are beautiful, and this is why a lot of owners go the extra mile to keep their tiles cleaned. But if there is one drawback, it would be the fact that some cleaning products are harmful and end up hurting the environment as they contain harmful substances and chemicals.

If you worry about how you can protect the environment while making sure that the tiles are clean, then you should choose eco-friendly cleaning alternatives such as the ones below.


The use of a vacuum is a big help in making sure that the floor tiles are clean and dust-free. This won’t hurt the environment as there is no need to apply any cleaning product on the surface of the tile. Vacuuming the tiles for a few times a week would make sure that the tiles are clean and will not look dull, something that is likely to happen when left untreated. Just be sure that you use a vacuum that is intended for hard surfaces. This is less abrasive on the tile and will not cause scratches.

kitchen eco tiles


This is an eco-friendly cleaning alternative. It is a great product in the kitchen and for cleaning the house also. You just have to be careful not to use it on a natural stone flooring as vinegar can cause damage to it. To use it properly, mix one part of it with four parts of water. Then use the solution when you mop the floor. Vinegar is effective and readily available. Most of all, it is environment-friendly, so it is a good product to try.


Sometimes all you need is water to clean your tiles. It is the simplest cleaning solution you will ever find and undoubtedly, environment-friendly. Just plain water, even without any cleaning agent would still work in removing dirt and dust from the tiles without having any negative effects.

The next time your tile gets dirty, just get a bucket of water and a mop and you will see how simple it is yet very effective.

Clean tiles are always possible without having to compromise the environment. You can always take part in saving the environment and preventing damage by opting for eco-friendly cleaning options.