Important Changes in the Home Staging Melbourne Industry for the Past 5 Years

As we usher into a new chapter, a new year, I took the leisure of making a bold step to look back into what things have been like for home staging Melbourne industry for the last 5 years or so. Are there any significant changes worth noting? If there are, how would these perceived changes impact or influence the future of this industry and the people who are working here?

I recently interacted with a few hundred home stagers in the country and most of them share some interesting advice, learning tips and nuggets off business lessons that I wanted to share here. I, together with these professional home stagers are identifying paradigm shifts in the home staging Melbourne industry. And I can say that it is safe to make an assumption that there is going to be more in the coming years.

Extremely talented professional home stagers are killing it

The home staging business is now even more dynamic than it has been in years past. It is growing by leaps and bounds, which means to say that professional home stagers with real design talent are now more preoccupied with their work than ever before.

These bunch of stagers that I am keeping close association with will sometimes need to decline a potential project since their hands and schedules are so full at the moment.

On many occasions, they need to refer potential clients to a colleague or to refer them to someone else who can certainly accommodate the job.

It is safe to say that 2020 is holding so much raw potential now more than ever. There is an obvious positive movement happening now in the property and housing market, and we need to seize the opportunity.

Authentic Staging Skills is an Entry Point to a Great Design Work

Home designers are crying fowl recently due to them losing a significant amount of business to the home staging space. What is the reason behind this? The primary target for these home designers is usually the “new homeowner”.

great home designers

On the contrary, this market initially works with a home stager first, taking on the role of the home seller prior to them becoming the new and legitimate homeowner. Therefore, we can safely say that the professional home stagers get to “crack the egg” first. Move-in design support services could be offered to property sellers, which is a great way to make the business grow even further.

This explains the reason why it is vital to go with a training firm that can cover both home redesign and home staging concepts.

Availing such services would help you learn how to capitalize and thus make your business grow even further, to greater lengths you never even knew would be possible.

Real Estate Agents are Occupying the Space Now

At one point in time, home stagers need to spend a good amount of time really educate real estate agents with respect to the benefits of staging a home.

Nowadays, things are much more different in the sense that real estate agents who previously understood the invaluable contribution home staging can give to making a home sell at a premium price are now the ones who are directly educating the property owners/sellers.

So many home stagers today are attesting that their partner agents know for a fact that the anticipated sales figure for a home is not likely to be as good as a staged home, as designed by an objective home stager.

Most savvy agents nowadays who are keen on having a reputation for always selling a property at a premium price will always insist on getting a home staged professionally.

There is Plenty of Work for All Professional Home Stagers

It is a good thing to know that the home staging industry in Melbourne is not yet saturated. This signifies that there is plenty of room for everyone to join the pool of talents here and do business.

Unlike other sectors where there is high congestion of professionals already, making competition really stiff and challenging, the home staging sphere can still accommodate the increasing number of people who wanted to join the bandwagon.