How to Take on a DIY Styling Approach Using Pillows?

Throw pillows give you the most design flexibility when it comes to finishing off your room. When choosing the appropriate pillow set, some factors must be considered: size, colour and pattern, texture, and shape. We can show you how to go on a DIY styling approach in your bedroom and living area using throw pillows. 

Bedroom Throw Pillows

Let’s begin with the fundamentals of pillow layering. The rule of thumb when staging space with pillows is to start with the largest throw pillows in the back and work your way down in size with each successive layer you add. 

Have your thickest layer of throw pillows to cover the entire back of the bed. This may go with the width of the headboard itself. For a king-size bed, 3 pillows in front of the sleeping pillows will suffice. 

Now for the next row. Add 2 small pillows, approximately 20 × 20 inches in size. If you happen to have an adventurous spirit here, we encourage you to go for the third set of throw pillows rather than having only a single small row.  These can be as little as 16 × 16 inches. 

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You can opt for odd-shaped decorative pillows if you want to put on some character and dimension to your bedroom space, such as rectangular pillows, circular, or cylindrical. 

Symmetry, when done right, can work wonders in the bedroom. Because this particular space of the house is specially intended to be a place of relaxation, the decor and accent pieces used here should invoke peace, quiet solitude and balance. 

 If you want your home to feel grounded, ensure that the biggest row of pillows are neutral and use bolder patterns or colours on the smaller accent pillows. This way, you retain a trendy, yet homogeneous style.

Sofa/Living Room Styling

Mismatching patterns and textures can make a home’s design seem individualized. Decorating your interiors with a DIY styling approach is not about cookie-cutter style; rather, it is about enticing the eye with intriguing design elements to captivate and hold attention.

Sofa spaces embellished with select throw pillows can make an ideal design vignette of your other decor components like colour and texture. 

It’s a good time to experiment with brightly coloured and patterned pillows without committing to a particular design motif (because neutral sofas are popular).

Consider these things when choosing to throw pillows in the living room.

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When mixing colours and patterns, the invaluable contribution of scale can not be overstated. We urge you to experiment with shapes and proportions. Consider how different pillows affect different print scales, and we encourage you to include a minimum of three distinct print scales. 

To optimize the visual impact of your largest pillow, look for a pillowcase of about the same size but with a large print on it too, and for your next medium pillow, give it a case with a medium print design. The patterns and colours you use here will vie for the viewer’s attention instead of complementing one another in case you will not heed this advice.

The fillings for a pillow and its fabric casing are both subject to how a particular room is intended to be used. Faux furs work well in less trafficked areas, otherwise, they tend to get soiled fast. This type of decorative pillow is most ideal for places not frequently visited by household members, even pets like dogs or cats. 

Look instead for down pillows. These can provide the best comfort for activity-filled living rooms. Although synthetic fillings retain their shape, they are not likely to provide the same level of comfort as down pillows.