How to Find the Best Deal with a Seemingly High Plasmacam Price?

A plasmacam price will only strike you hard when you don’t know exactly the real value of such equipment, or how it can help your organization as far as reaching your business goals are concerned. 

Plasmacam, as industry insiders would like to put it, is a complete piece of equipment for your business’ material cutting needs. They are ready for use in cutting your required parts. You just need to have a ready hand plasma torch, a reliable computer system and you are good to go with your project. Unlike other alternative material cutting methods they sometimes require additional parts to run, otherwise, they will just lay around without purpose in your stockroom. 

Can You Manage a Handheld Plasma Torch on Your Own? 

You get the best performance of your dollar with the level of flexibility that each plasmacam machine comes with as they securely hold your hand-held plasma torch. Plasma “machine” torches come a bit more expensive and are offering users no performance advantage over handheld torches. 

Additionally, a good percentage of small plasma cutters don’t come with a machine torch option. Plasmacam systems let you save good money here, as much as $1500 and this is just for the plasma cutter only. If desired, you can make use of it for hand cutting, too.  

As for the operating costs, Plasmacam offers owners great ease of use in the CNC system department. Setup times, training, and operating costs, including maintenance — all these are minimal and require no programming skill.  

How Well is the Design of the Machine? 

The Type of Motor the Machine Comes In

Plasmacam systems utilize precision servo motors, and they usually come with optical encoders. The superior performance they are known to have over Stepper motors gained for them a wider range of following of users. Aside from greater accuracy, it also offered higher speed capabilities, consequently taking productivity to the next level of efficiency.   

The Type of Control System Used

The majority of control systems make use of the “open-loop” feedback, and this would be including the Stepper systems. This signifies that the load fluctuations and vibrations would sometimes induce the motors to skip steps, without the controller being made aware that the position has been lost. 

The servo motor utilized by PlasmaCam comes with a “closed-loop” feedback. This means to say that the encoders are getting back to the controller to report about the position of the machine. This allows the perfect positioning of the machine to be maintained, regardless of the prevailing conditions.  

The Machine’s Rigidity in Relation to Its Weight

To date, Plasmacam may be the only material cutting system out there that comes with lightweight and rigid moving parts. This will allow CNC machine users to enjoy superior accuracy at amazing warp speeds. This also signifies more detailed cutting and finer cuts – especially if the involved materials are thinner than the usual. For other designs, they are utilizing unreasonably heavy beams, linear bearings, and drive components, diminishing performance.