How Sleeping on an Adjustable Bed Can Help Relieve Your Back Pain and Aches?

Since the beginning of time, raising the quality of our sleep has been one of our greatest obsessions. Ever since our forefathers have evolved from sleeping on rocks and trees towards the use of sleeping mats and then finally evolving to the invention of the modern bed.

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The working idea behind adjustable beds is but just a part of a long history of the human quest for a more restful, healthier sleep. We say that this is a very significant one. This type of bed has developed over time and so now comes to us not only equipped with a headboard but also a footboard.

The issue at hand is not putting into question whether adjustable or reclining beds are comfortable or not. Our point of concern here mainly is if it’s beneficial for people with sciatica, chronic back pain, lower back pain, as well as other similar conditions of the back.

To put it more succinctly, we will give you a resounding “yes” as an answer. This interesting furniture can help alleviate back aches and pains. 

Who Benefits the Most from Using an Adjustable Type of Bed? 

The range of people who could benefit from using this type of bed and its orthopedic health benefits is limitless. To give you an idea, here are some good candidates to use an adjustable/reclining bed: 

  • People who have recently had back surgery or people who have undergone some type of orthopedic operation.
  • People who complain often about their arthritis, chronic back pain, or other similar ailments.
  • Anyone who has endured upper body or spine pain following a car accident.
  • Athletes or anyone who puts a lot of time and effort into exercising and working out
  • People who want to enjoy all the benefits of a full night’s sleep on a daily basis
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Why Sleep on an Inclined Bed? 

It Improves Your Body’s Level of Mobility

It is better for elderly people and individuals with medical problems to get on and off an adjustable bed.

When getting out of the  bed, remote-controlled beds come with a mechanism that will lower and raise the limbs if the user makes an attempt to climb on it.

Your Acid Reflux Episodes are Minimized.

Some people tend to experience a burning feeling in their stomachs whenever they lay down in bed. This condition is called “acid reflux“.

Acid reflux is exacerbated by lying on a flat surface, which is the case when you lay down on your bed. Acid reflux episodes are most observable to occur after consuming a heavy meal. 

It is such a relief to know that symptoms associated with acid reflux diminish when you sleep on a sloped or reclining bed. 

Mouth Breathing Is Minimized

Several factors can induce an individual to breathe through the mouth. Obstruction of the airway passages, habit, and nasal congestion are all likely reasons for this occurrence in some people. 

When compared to normal breathing, that is through the nose, mouth breathing is considered ineffective and risky, too. It can also set the stage for you to experience  dry gums and shortness of breath.

Sleeping on the stomach helps you breathe through your nasal cavity, and a well-designed reclining or adjustable bed can help out on that part and so much more.